Healthy Cupcakes People! It Can Be Done! :)

July 18, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. 🙂 After much thought, I decided to bring D along to Baby V’s party in the park.

I knew how these excursions usually transpired, and the results were rarely good. However, I wanted to test out his behavior on the lower dose Biphentin to see if there would be any difference. Sounds risky, right? I know. I don’t normally live life on the edge like this. 😛

I considered a few things before deciding that this was a ‘safe’ space to observe him.

1) I knew most of the guests at the party well enough to know that they would be understanding if D did act up.

2) We arrived late because Baby Q was trying to nap and I had forgotten to do the laundry the night before so none of the roughly four outfits that actually fit me were clean. (I refuse to spend money on a new wardrobe when I have every intention of toning up and getting fit again soon. That’s right. I have goals. And no, please don’t rain on my parade by reminding me that I may never wear my pre-pregnancy jeans again. I digress.)

Surprise, surprise! We had a pretty good experience. 🙂 D was his sweet and social self with the party guests, especially the wee ones, and he even got to explore the park a little too.

Quite possibly my favorite part though – As I entered the gazebo where the party was being held, I looked over at the buffet table to see a variety of healthy food and snacks that D could actually have. This never happens. Even the healthiest parents usually see birthdays as an opportunity to spoil their little ones with junk food so D rarely ever gets to enjoy this aspect of a party. Not this time though. There were egg sandwiches on whole wheat bread, veggies, grapes AND healthy cupcakes!!! I was so impressed!

So, what have I learned from this experience? Maybe I need to “face the fear” a little more, as a parent? Something to think about while I munch on one of those healthy cupcakes I snuck out of the party. 😉


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