An Apology to Lindsay

July 20, 2010

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

I have done to you, what I hope others never do to my son. I have watched your struggle and judged your actions. Actions that are likely related (at least in part) to your ADHD. For this, I am sorry.

In the last few years, you’ve behaved badly. I don’t know of anyone who could deny that. You’ve been unprofessional, reckless and dangerous. You’ve used drugs and alcohol to “fix” what you’re feeling and to avoid dealing with your challenges. Your life has spun out of control in a very public way.

On July 6th, while watching your verdict being handed down, I listened as the judge read out your incidents of reckless and dangerous behavior. DUIs and car chases are no laughing matter. I knew the judge was doing the right thing. She gave you 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab and from the looks of how bad things have gotten, you’ll need every minute of that time to unplug from the craziness that surrounds you. Too many cameras, too much pressure and family members who seem to profit from your circumstances.

If you truly have ADHD and that is the issue at the core of all of the behavior we have witnessed, then it is time to reflect on your situation and seek the help you need. I am not condoning your behavior. Regardless of how you came to be where you are, you deserve the consequences you have received. You have made some very poor choices recently and the interventions you are currently enduring may well save your life and your career.

No longer can you afford to surround yourself with ‘Yes People’ or enablers. No longer can you afford to have cameras catch your every meltdown and mishap. No longer can you pop pill after pill with seemingly little effect. You must stop and realize that something here isn’t working, Lindsay. It is time to take stock, find insight into your condition and be willing to try new things. Try alternative therapies like diet, exercise and sleep therapy. (Likewise, lay off the Redbulls, cigarettes and Ambien.) Find friends and family who will understand your condition and support a sober life.

I hope that you get properly assessed and treated in a way that brings out the very best of your ADHD gifts. I hope you rise to the top again and in the height of your fame, when everyone will be listening, I hope you use your influence to bring awareness to a very misunderstood condition. I hope you use your experience to help illustrate what can happen if ADHD is not properly treated and managed, and urge those with the condition to seek out the answers they need to live a healthy life. I hope we see you healthy, happy and connected once again.

Until then, you will be in my thoughts. When I think of you, it will be with compassion and hope.

Best wishes,



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