July 22, 2010

I forgot to get D to take his Biphentin this morning when he woke up. Never thought that would happen! What a difference a couple of weeks can make.

For close to a year now, I’ve opened my eyes each morning dreading the start of our day because I never knew what chaos it would bring. D’s ADD was the last thing I thought of at night and the first thing I thought of in the morning.

Every morning, J brings Baby Q into our bed to cuddle with his Mama and sleep for another hour or so. When D hears the baby awake, he always comes in to cuddle and play with him too. He usually gets in about 2 minutes before I have to get up and redirect his attention to something constructive. Otherwise, the dreaded, “I’m Booooored” line starts to creep into every conversation.

This morning however, he played with the baby for close to 10 minutes before leaving our room to go read. He went without being asked too. Not once did I think, “Where are the pills? WHERE ARE THE PILLS?!!” The rest of the day was relatively quiet too. Go figure.

Of course, I should celebrate the fact that my forgetfulness didn’t cause us any significant issues. Instead, my mind is now busy analyzing every element of yesterday that could have led to today being such a pleasant day, without any help from the medication. Did he sleep more last night? Did he get up later or earlier this morning? Did I feed him something different yesterday? Did he get more outside time yesterday?

It’s endless. My mind buzzes constantly with possibilities I want to explore in the hopes that we find the missing link and no longer need the medication at all.

Not sure if that’s my denial talking or my optimism. Glass half full (something is different and it’s up to me to crack the case)? Glass half empty (we just got lucky today)?


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