Moving?! What?!

July 27, 2010

Apparently, our ADD/ADHD specialist is moving. In a WEEK!

How did I find out the doctor we waited nearly 2 years to see was leaving her practice, you may be wondering? I called to set up an appointment for next week and was told by her assistant that she wouldn’t be available as she’d be gone by then.

“Gone?”, I asked.

“Yes, she’s moving away and closing the practice.” Hadn’t I received the letter in the mail, she asked.

No, I had not.

News of this very abrupt move leaves me feeling stressed. We still haven’t received a copy of his assessment (completed in June) and we need this before school starts. To complicate matters more, we’re leaving for England in a few days and we’ll be gone for 5 weeks. By the time we return, school will be underway and we wanted to have all of this taken care of before we left.

Now we will also need to ensure we get a copy of his records and all documentation too, so that we have everything we need before she leaves. Otherwise, we’ll have to start from scratch with a new doctor and I can’t even bear the thought of putting D through that again.

This doctor is giving me grey hair. And let’s be honest, very few people can pull that look off. Anderson Cooper really is an exception. A very handsome exception. 😉


One Response to “Moving?! What?!”

  1. Lola Says:

    Anderson is dreamy. Your doctor needs to learn a thing or two about patient care, by the sounds of things.

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