Tip Tuesday – August 31st

August 31, 2010

A new school year will soon be upon us and to get things off on the right foot, check out the link below. While I may have worded this resource a little differently, I do believe it can be used as a great conversation starter with your child’s new teacher.

Teaching Tips

Something that works for us is getting in there early and often with the teachers.

Set the tone with a positive first meeting where you share a little about your child, their strengths and challenges, what they’re interested in and any tips you can provide for what has worked well in the past. If you’re working with them at home on organizational skills or reading, make sure to tell the teacher that too.

This is also a great opportunity to ask the teacher a few basic questions like…

1 – What are your expectations in the classroom?

2 – Can I have an overview of what my child will be learning this year? (Something printed, that you can take home, is best. Allow the teacher a few days to get it to you.)

3 – Are there ways I can help out? School trips? Photocopying worksheets? Volunteering in some way? (Teachers who see you as a contributing member of the school community will appreciate your efforts.)

Remember to thank them for their time, give them your email in case anything comes up and wish them the best as the school year kicks off.

Regardless of how that first meeting goes, walk away knowing you did your best, as a parent. You gave it your all. That’s all we ever expect of our children and we need to appreciate the same from ourselves.

Good luck to each of you, and to your children! 🙂


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