The Wait is Over! Or is it?

September 18, 2010

What a way to start the day. Sigh.

This morning, we had an appointment with our ADD/ADHD specialist, at her office. We were meeting with her to FINALLY get a copy of the assessment she completed with D, in June. THREE months ago now.

As you may recall, we found out back in July that our specialist was moving to a neighboring province for a new job. As this was all quite sudden and abrupt, many of her patients were not transferred to anyone new, including D. We had done our part in making the three necessary visits to her office and sitting through sessions lasting approximately 2 hours each. Yet, his file wasn’t completed before she left. So we were pretty frustrated, to say the least.

Even before this move had happened, we’d had our challenges with this specialist. We found her to be overbearing, disorganized and even condescending at times. We were not impressed with her services but as we had been on waiting lists for nearly TWO YEARS to see someone, we felt somewhat powerless to do anything about it. So we had continued on – completing our visits and all the necessary paperwork – so that we would have his assessment for the start of school a few weeks ago.

This did not happen, despite several requests. When I called again last week to complain, her assistant offered to book us in for today, since she would be here in the city wrapping up a few loose ends. She thought we “may have better luck in person”.

So, there we were, waiting in the doctor’s office. She was already 35 minutes late for our appointment and her assistant was busy trying to reach her on her cell. We could hear everything from the waiting room. No answer. No answer. Then finally she picked up and her assistant reminded her that we were there to see her. About 10 minutes later, she arrived and spent the first few minutes chatting with her assistant, asking how to raise the volume on her iPhone.

Then, she seemed to remember us finally and invited us into her office. As she was closing the door, and having still not apologized, she proceeded to tell us how she was in bed…ASLEEP…until just minutes ago when her assistant woke her. And then she laughed. She guffawed like she was truly tickled by her unprofessionalism.

Oh. My. God.

(I may be thinner and cuter, but I totally looked like that.)

WHO DOES THAT?! Who would be so unprofessional and inconsiderate and then come in and be brazen enough to laugh about it, without so much as a sheepish apology? Argh!

As frustrated as I was, I managed to hold it together to request that she complete the file and provide us with a complete copy of D’s assessment before we left her office.

Anyhow, I’ll spare you the details of the visit but there were “words” between the doctor and I. (J got in there a few times too.)

In the end, she provided us with…drumroll please….an incomplete file! 😦

Sure, the diagnosis was there but some of the supporting documentation was still missing. Not a problem if your doctor is sticking around, but most definitely a problem in our situation.

I did manage to get a letter for the school from her however. I never gave it to them because there were too many spelling errors and…oh yes, this is my favorite part…she put the wrong year in for his birthdate. Easy mistake to make…I’m sure he could pass for EIGHTEEN! Let’s be honest, that letter would only hurt our credibility with the school.


After today’s experience, I think it’s safe to assume that this 6 second video sums up our feelings…


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