Soccer Tryouts Today

September 19, 2010

Oh, how nervous am I?

D is attending his FIRST EVER team sports tryout today! (He hopes to join the competitive soccer league where we live.)

I am trying to think positive. I am. But I am afraid for him.

I have been sitting up, late at night, wondering…Is he ready for such a commitment? Is he up for the challenge of learning all the drills, skills and rules that go with joining a competitive league? Is he ready for this new environment and all the pressure that can come with it? Will his coach understand him and be able to bring out the best in him? Will his teammates accept him, though he lacks the experience they already have?

Have I mentioned that it’s a TEAM SPORT? And it’s competitive? And it requires a serious commitment? Eeek.

I must, however, pull myself together and breeze through the next few hours looking calm and confident. I can do it. I will do it. Because that is what D needs right now and I want more than anything to see him succeed.

PS – I have been warned by D that I am NOT to embarrass him with my “Gushing-Mom-Pride” today. So I am NOT to cheer him on…or make thumbs up signs…or really acknowledge him in any way. Therefore I’ll be forced to cheer loudly…in my head…“Go D! Go D! Go D! Whoooooo!” 😛


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